Quang Chau October 07, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Livestation Premium

Your subscription has been discontinued as of the 17 November 2013, as we are replacing all of our subscription with the Livestation premium subscription. Since you did not upgrade to the Livestation Premium subscription, we have refunded you accordingly for the credit on the subscription, this refund may take 3-5 working days to process.

If you wish to continue to watch your subscription channel(s) you will need to subscribe to the Livestation Premium subscription, which will give you access to all the English Premium channels that is available in your country. As we no longer have the Globetrotter/Traveller/single and all the other subscriptions on Livestation, apart from the Livestation Premium subscription.



Quang Chau August 28, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Using Livestation

We are sorry to say that the Al Jazeera English is no longer available in the USA due to broadcasting rights concerning the new Al Jazeera America cable channel.

Unfortunately this means that Livestation will no longer be allowed to sell premium access to Al Jazeera English in the United States. We will be in touch with those subscribers we believe will be affected in coming weeks.

Joe Connor February 20, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Using Livestation

We have just migrated the services that make the Livestation Desktop player work over to our new platform. You might see some changes, including:

  • The names and description of some channels
  • The removal of "User added channels"
  • Changes to the premium channel naming and layout
  • The addition, and removal of some channels
  • Your preferences about hidden channels
  • Your "pro player" status
These changes have been necessary so that we can remove the dependency on some of our legacy systems.
In addition, the removal of user added channels is so we comply with anti-copyright legislation and improve the user experience since many of these channels are now inactive.
If you have any concerns about specific changes that you don't feel fall under these headings please do let us know.

Quang Chau November 27, 2012 Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting

Resolution quality is dependent on three major factors: 

  • The cable you used to connect device,

  • The speed of your broadband connection and

  • The strength of the connection between your device and your router (if you’re connected wirelessly).  

To maximize your broadband connection speed, be sure to discontinue the use of other Internet-connected devices in your home network. Online gaming or other video streaming can use a large portion of your available bandwidth. Finally, to improve your wireless signal strength, try moving your device  to a higher position and/or moving it away from other 2.4Ghz interfering sources.

Note: Your player automatically tests your connection speed and delivers the best resolution possible for your connection without interruption. Faster connection speeds mean higher quality streams. For basic connection speeds, you will see lower quality streams. To test your connection, by visiting this free bandwidth speed test website:


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